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                1 on 1 teaching

                We're now proud to announce that we offer 1 on 1 consultations for people just like YOU!  Yes, YOU!     We have sessions available for anyone from complete beginners, to experienced artists, or even full time entrepreneurs, that will help YOU sort through all the headache!  Trust us, we've been in your EXACT situation, and we're here to help!    ...

                Ice Cream

                Review Summary Ice cream removes yellowing from ANY rubber.  Foamposite soles, Jordan 11 soles, Jordan 5's, Jordan 6's etc.  It also works on glow in the dark and colored translucent soles (south beaches, galaxies, legend blue 11's etc)!  Whatever the original color of the rubber (soles) was it will change back to that color.  If you have icy blue soles...

                Midsole Magic

                Tired of damaging midsoles when stripping with acetone or trying to slowly scrape the paint off?  Well worry no more!  With Midsole Magic you will consistently get smooth midsoles in MINUTES! Think of how long stripping midsoles takes you, now think of having those stripped in 5 minutes or less with perfect results every time!  This product will literally make...

                Scratch Resistant Sealer

                Review Summary Scratch resistant sealer is necessary when painting rubber or plastic! Ever customized a pair of shoes and painted the outsole, heel tab, toe caps, plastic/rubber etc? Ever notice how that paint comes right off when you barely scuff it or scrape them? That is a thing of the past! Scratch resistant sealer protects the paint from scuffing off...