About us

Starting, we are still very much a small business. A team of two consisting of myself (Derrick), and my wife (Corley), we strive to give the quality and resources of a large company, while still focusing on those personal small business touches! I began restoring my own sneakers in 2010, I then started buying used shoes to restore and "flip", and 9 years passed and here we are still doing what we love, but a little different...

You may have noticed that recently we've shifted our focus onto teaching the art of sneakers. We believe that instead of trying to restore and customize everyone's shoes, if we teach others how to do what we do properly, we can in turn reach many more soles :) which is our ultimate goal. We're a product of the culture and are doing our best to give back and grow the community that we so dearly love! We hope you'll be a part of it in one way or another!

Frequently Asked Questions