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We cover the following topics in-depth on our YouTube channel:

Re-glues (midsoles, uppers, and soles)
• Full midsole repaints
• Dye Boost Midsoles
Airbrushing/hand brushing
• Smooth out damaged midsoles/pores
• Color matching
• And much more!

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Do you have a pair of shoes that aren't looking their best? Or maybe you want to stand out and have a dope pair of Custom Kicks made? With our 8+ years of experience, we can handle almost any job! Simply click the image and fill out our contact form to get a quote! If you're hesitant and want to view our work, simply check out our INSTAGRAM!

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Paint & Supplies!

These are ALL general products we use almost daily! The link is directly to Amazon with a list of all suplies you can have shipped to you with FREE 2 Day Shipping!

We ONLY use the BEST materials for our work, even if that means they aren't our OWN products! Click the picture above to shop directly with ANGELUS and all of their great paints and related products!

Raleigh Restorations 2019

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