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Free Tutorials and More!

Not fully committed yet or just curious about what working on shoes entails? You can start learning by watching our FREE YouTube tutorials and guides for restoring and customizing shoes, and more general insight about working with sneakers! What are you waiting for? Remember, we all start somewhere! 

E-Books (Guides) - 4 topics!

Our eBooks are the perfect way to start learning how to work with sneakers confidently. Written by Raleigh Restorations himself, over 9 years of experience condensed into 4 titles. In-depth start to finish guides for those serious about learning!

(only for the dedicated)

Looking to skip the headache of trial and error and get right to the answers YOU need? Look no further, for those who are serious and committed we offer customized 1-on-1 mentoring with Raleigh Restorations himself. Whether you're just beginning, a seasoned veteran, or boutique/shop owner looking to offer a service, we have a customized mentoring package for you!