• Mentoring (1-on-1 Consultations)
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Mentoring (1-on-1 Consultations)


We're now proud to announce that we offer 1 on 1 consultations for people just like YOU!  Yes, YOU!  


We have sessions available for anyone from complete beginners, to experienced artists, or even full time entrepreneurs, that will help YOU sort through all the headache!  Trust us, we've been in your EXACT situation, and we're here to help!  


With over 8 years of experience, Derrick with Raleigh Restorations is the ultimate resource for a Sneaker Service business.  With expertise in the crafts of restorations and customs, Derrick can teach you EVERYTHING about making durable custom shoes, as well as restoring shoes entirely!  From the smallest details, to the largest and most difficult processes that others don't share, we can help!


*Please note a time will need to be scheduled for all consultations!  Our preferred platform is "Google Hangouts".  It's not required, but highly recommended you're able to have voice and audio during this consultation.  Using your phone is fine, however pleasure ensure you have a solid connection for the entire session.  A computer with a camera and microphone is preferred but not required.  We can also use other VOIP methods upon request*