eBooks (Guides) - Raleigh Restorations
eBooks (Guides) - Raleigh Restorations
eBooks (Guides) - Raleigh Restorations
eBooks (Guides) - Raleigh Restorations
eBooks (Guides) - Raleigh Restorations
eBooks (Guides) - Raleigh Restorations

eBooks (Guides)

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Tired of digging through tons of YouTube videos, Instagram stories, comments, and reading conflicting info on how to actually make your sneakers durable and wearable when customizing or restoring?
That's a thing of the past, with Raleigh Restorations E-Books you now have access to a 100% FOOL-PROOF Guide right on your phone! Leaving no details out on these SECRETS no one seems to be willing to share with you. We're here to help YOU grow as an artist, entrepreneur, and business owner! With a beautifully formatted table of contents for each of our 4 books, you can easily reference ANY section you're hung up on when working with ANY sneaker!
So what are you waiting for? Invest in YOURSELF today, and save hundreds of hours (or 9+ years in our case) learning these techniques that we've perfected and are presenting to you!
With 4 comprehensive titles (view "topics" tab below for details of each), we surely have something for you!

Midsoles 101:
✔️3 different methods to strip midsoles
✔️Identifying midsoles for best method
clearing/cleaning/repainting around Air units
✔️Painting (process) to avoid cracking and peeling!
✔️Taping tips
✔️2-Tone and more complex midsoles (multi colored)
✔️Fixing damaged midsoles and smoothing tips/tricks
✔️Much More!

Synthetics 101:
✔️How to prep
✔️Avoid cracking/peeling/chipping
✔️Cover all products needed and used
✔️All processes (tips and tricks)
✔️Best finishers and protectants
✔️Foamposites, cleats, basketball sneakers, and more!
✔️Testing for durability (non-cracking/peeling)!

Leather 101:
✔️Correct way to prep Leather
✔️Leather dyes
✔️Painting leather (extra tips and tricks)
✔️Stencil work in general, and on leather!
✔️Making your customs stand out! (details tips/tricks)
✔️Bonus info and tutorials!

Dyes 101:
✔️Rubber and Plastic
✔️Suede, Nubuck, Durabuck and more
✔️Dyeing Soles
✔️Dyeing boost/foam midsoles
✔️Mesh, Primeknit, Cotton, Sockliners and more soft materials
✔️How to keep soft fabrics ACTUALLY SOFT and durable!
✔️Bonus tip (changing black suede/nubuck to another color)!