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Are you struggling with restoring and customizing shoes? Tired of the headache of looking for the right methods, the right products, and how to actually apply them?

Don't worry! We've been in your EXACT situation, and we're here to help! 


With over 9 years of experience, Derrick (Owner of Raleigh Restorations) has the insight and experience to help catapult you past all of the trial and error. With expertise in the craft of restorations and customs, Derrick can teach you EVERYTHING about making durable custom shoes, as well as restoring shoes entirely, no material or process spared!  From the smallest details, to the largest and most difficult processes that others don't share, we're here to answer your problems, and help you to grow! Please review our different packages to see which best suits you! If you have any questions about a particular topic or package, please contact us via the "contact" tab.


*Please note a time will need to be scheduled for all consultations!  Our preferred platform is "Google Hangouts".  It's not required, but highly recommended you're able to have voice and audio during this consultation.  Using your phone is fine, however please ensure you have a solid connection for the entire session.  A computer with a camera and microphone is preferred but not required.  We can also use other VOIP methods upon request*

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Kosta K.


I was little skeptical about doing an online consultation but what really encouraged me was that Derrick was helping and answering my questions by DM on Instagram before I even knew that he offered this service. This says a lot about someone who really loves what he does and wants to help others accomplish their goals. As for the consultation itself, we covered a lot of the basics to make sure we were both on the same page and then went into depth with the questions I had for him. What I really appreciated was that prior to our meeting he had asked me to give him information about what I wanted out of this and what questions I had for him. He came prepared with an outline of everything discussed prior and an overview of my ig page as well as comments to my previous work. No time was lost but what really had me surprised was that our meeting was by no means on a timer, we went WAY over the time we had allocated and felt like we were having a helpful, informative conversation between two buddies over beers. Even after having our consultation, Derrick still takes the time to check in and follow up to find out about how things are going. I would highly recommend a consultation for someone starting out or someone who has the experience and wants to refine their craft.

Lemont (.

Amazing with communication and follow up

Ive bought the business man package and I would like to start with letting you guys know the only reason I paid for this mentoring because Derek was communicating and answering questions for me well before i even approach him about the mentoring. He doesn't care about the money to much he's more passionate about sharing his expertise and knowledge with us. I'm very grateful that I did make the investment in myself to learn from Derek because my page has being growing quickly and also been having a lot more comments on my page. We me and him were chatting right from the first secs he was already very welcoming. we even went over than the 2 hours that was scheduled. But i can write a whole book about how great of a mentor he is, you guys should definitely hit him up and just connect .

Jamal C.

I was disappointed....

I honestly waited almost a month to leave a review on my "Businessman" mentoring package because I wanted to see if any of the information Derek gave me was true and actually worked. It was clear Derek took the time to answer and elaborate on all of the initial questions I had for him. I had an email within a day asking for information I wanted answered, as well as links to my Instagram, website, and YouTube page. I really wanted to focus on Instagram as I know how important Instagram is for a sneaker business (buying, selling, trading, and restoring). I was thoroughly disappointed... in MYSELF! I took a ton of notes, and was excited for a day or 2 after my 2 hour mentoring session with Raleigh Restorations. I then sat down on the 3rd day and re-read all my notes and promised myself to take all of the advice Raleigh gave me. I have seen a HUGE change in my followers, engagement on posts, TONS of traffic going to my website using Raleigh's "tricks" and tactics with Instagram stories and feed posts to get my comments and likes super active. He can't do the work for you but WOW! The shift in focus he was able to spark in me mentally has proved to be insanely valuable. He helped me with when to post, how to create better content, how to caption pictures, gave me information to make my bio better, tactics to gain more REAL followers that actually engage and so much more! I wish I would've done this sooner tbh! I can't recommend this enough if you're trying to grow!


Took my business to the next level!

Raleigh restorations mentoring program really helped me take my business to the next level. I was impressed with how much prep Derrick from RR did before our meeting even started. He looked over my social media and website and told me what I could do better or what to just get rid of in an honest but respectful way. He also answered all the questions I had given him before the meeting and the ones I thought of during. I also really like that he was there for me after the meeting was done when I got stuck or wanted his perspective on how to go about something. He certainly won’t just take your money, do the meeting, then forget about you.If you really want to take your sneaker restoration business to the next level I highly recommend this program.

Bruce b.

Everything I needed and more!

Derrick was very professional and organized from the start! After I placed my order I had an email within a few hours of an intro, and asking for any questions I was looking to have answered. i was just getting started to so I told him I'd take his recommendation. It was very apparent he took time to 'build' a structured consultation for me. He looked over my instagram and has specifics about older posts written down so i knew he really took the time. He took me through everything from sourcing shoes, prep, painting, materials, time saving tips, and more. I only paid for the Craftsman but he still ended with some business tips for when I'll be looking for customers, how to grow my instagram and facebook and more! Time ran a little over an hour but he was super cool with it and insisted we get to all of my questions that I kept thinking of. I'll definitely be taking the businessman package in the future when I sell some of the shoes I'm flipping and save up! Highly recommend you take this course if you're serious about skipping all the headache!

Raleigh Restorations

Bruce, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review as we had an awesome time talking with you and covering everything you needed to know! It's been awesome to watch the shift in your content, skill, and communication through Instagram! I'm glad we were able to discuss some of the "business-side" of things as I can tell you're very motivated and quickly moving into something more than just a hobby! We'd love to have you back when you compile some problems due to growing pains and really get your business going! Our eyes are peeled to your page and can't wait to see more work from you!